Monday, May 11, 2015

Pyotr Nesterov

Stabs-Kapitan Petr Nikolaev Nesterov, flying Morane Saulnier G No 281 of the 11th Corps Detachment, Imperial Russian Air Service, rammed an Albatros two seater flown by Feldwebel Franz Malina (pilot) and Oberleutnant Baron Friedrich Rosenthal (observer), of Austro-Hungarian Flik 11 over the town of Zholkov on 26 August 1914. All three airmen were killed in the encounter.

Was donated to FAI in 1962 by the USSR in commemoration of Lt Petr Nikolaevich Nesterov, of the Imperial Russian Air Service. On September 9, 1913, Nesterov literally launched aerobatic history by performing the first loop in a Nieuport IV monoplane near Kiev. He was arrested for 10 days for taking undue risk with a government-owned machine, but later promoted to Staff Captain. The Nesterov Cup is an antique piece featuring intricate silver work and a depiction of Nesterov on the front. The trophy is awarded to the Men's World Team Champions of the World Aerobatic Championships. It was first awarded in 1962 to the Hungarian Team.


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